“In a Dreamland”is the world’s first 100 per cent inclusive 4D experience in Spanish. It is a 23-minute short film with subtitles, a sign language interpreter in Spanish, an audio description for the visually impaired, and an audio induction loop for people with hearing aids. Add the 4D feature to all this and you have a unique and surprising experience.

SIt can also be enjoyed in Basque, English, French, German and, recently, in Russian.

In this short film, a Vinfo (wine elf) invites the public to learn about the heritage, tradition and culture of Rioja Alavesa, as well as a unique way of looking at life.

It has been made using the latest home automation techniques, 4D effects, aerial recording of real images in three dimensions, and stereoscopic motion capture cameras, as well as with a montage that combines real images with the computer-generated images (animation) and sensory effects.

The exclusive technology with which it is made results in a new way of experiencing the richness of the region, introducing children and adults to a world of surprising sensations. It is also worth mentioning that this short film has won more than 18 international awards at festivals in Portugal, Warsaw, New York, Berlin, Vienna, Napa Valley, and ‘The Best of the Fest 3D Shorts’ at the 3D Film Festival in Hollywood.